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Join or host a Web Conference from any place, at any time and with any device. Connect, Collaborate and Communicate with a feature enriched 800Comms Web Conferencing for an enterprising online meeting experience. Share screens, presentations, spreadsheets and much more with your team and clients. Our Web conferencing solutions work well for meetings, training sessions, lectures and seminars and presentations.


Imagine the financial costs if you have to travel to each client and give a live demo. With 800Comms you can simply share your screens and kill the need to travel extensively. Screen Sharing displays your desktop to one or more persons attending the meeting. It is free of cost and has no charges incurred on either party.

Screen Sharing works great for training and showing step by step procedures or solutions or giving live demos. It gives a better access to information that the host wants to transfer to participants than mere emails and/or phone calls. Host can also give out remote access to their desktop to one or more participants; allowing the latter to manipulate the presenter’s screen.


  • Unlimited File Transfer of Up to 200 MB during a session
  • Send Private IMs or group messages with the presenter reserving control to disable chat
  • Share up to four monitors in a split screen.
  • Complete Freedom to select which applications or windows you want to share
  • Both presenter and participants have options to draw or write on screen for instant feedback and discussion using white board feature.
  • Both Presenter and Participants can record the meeting session
  • Allow everyone an equal chance to participate. Switch presenter!
  • Mute or block noisy participants in training sessions


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Do not waste your time designing a new presentation everytime. You can access pre defined templates or design your own for repeated use.

web conferencing hd video streaming


Share videos and other Medias seamlessly. You do not require to leave the main website and need not to worry about quality of live or shared videos at receiving end.

web conferencing integration


Access files stored on your device easily for sharing. 800Comms Web Conferencing integrates with your existing applications like DropBox, Google Apps and others.

web conferencing break out groups


You can divide all the participants in the session into groups according to your needs to facilitate desirable transfer of information to right participants.

web conferencing one click access


Quick launch from your desktop lets you connect quickly. Participants also need no downloads and lengthy installations. They can join from their preferred browser as long as they have an internet connection.

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Gone are the times when your employees are glued to desks or you and your clients need to be in same place. With 800Comms, experience the business meetings on the go! Amazing Mobility feature awaits you.

We work on Bring Your Own Device Rule. Employees can now join a web conference from their personal devices. 800Comms offer complete compatibility with iOS and Android and any other PC with browser of their choice.

Keep a single business identity across multiple devices and enjoy complete synchronisation with the help of a single login credentials on these devices.

Join or host a meeting from virtually any place. Home, Office, on road, Airports, absolutely any place. All you need is a 3G or better internet connection.

Road Safety Mode allows you to disable video options and mute microphones so that you communicate through device speaker while concentrating on the road. We always wish you a Happy Driving!

Welcome To 800Comms

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  • Crisp audios and clear videos with quick response. We offer you robust software with least possible disconnection and distortions in media sharing.
  • Greater ROI with reduced costs of extensive hardware and reasonable service packages. Free or low cost online calls along with reduced needs of travelling transmit in greater profits.
  • Data encrypted and compatible with your company firewalls. All web meetings are password protected and have options of host permission plus login requirements on the receiving end.
  • Big or small, we serve your business with scalable solutions. You do not need to worry about change of service provider once you grow. We cater your growing needs perfectly!
  • No complicated configuration. Everything is simple with easy to follow steps. There are no download requirements for the participants and no technical expertise needed to join in.
  • 24/7/365 customer support with live operators. All queries are promptly responded and all trouble shoot issues are quickly resolved for your greater peace of mind!