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An office is no longer just a physical location and communication is no longer just a landline. New age technology and devices have changed vastly the way we communicate. 800Comms provides unified Comms UK services that includes latest cloud unified communication and collaboration solutions like voice calling, instant messaging, real-time presence, audio/video conferencing, advanced desktop and screen sharing, file sharing on cloud and much more.

Let’s Go Mobile with 800Comms unified communications and do your business from your desktop, and tablet/smartphone alike. Take your office and business phone system to wherever you travel with advanced unified communication services.

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Are You Tangled With Traditional Phone Systems or Your Advanced Phone Helping You to Reach Miles Away?

In today’s mobile, fast-moving world, businesses need modern communications to stay competitive. But traditional PBX phone systems are anything but modern. They no longer meet business needs and they can actually restrict your profitability.

The 800Team has it for you

Need Specific Mobile Applications
for you

800UC is offering a range of mobile apps that are compatible across devices and optimized for a satisfying user experience. All apps will use your business number as the identifier and will be integrated seamlessly with each other and other commonly used business applications.

We are committed to follow accredited procedures for Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment. We believe in paying attention to details and focus on quality and performance.

We ensure that any one bearing our identity represents highest standards of integrity and conduct in all matters. Our staff is trained to exhibit high moral standards.

We recognize the importance of our people and value them the highest! We respect & work for a culture of honesty. Customer satisfaction & employee happiness is our mantra.

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all. Our Vision is to create a work environment based on fairness, respect and merit without discrimination

Pro Features of 800Comms
Unified Communications Platform

  • Send an Instant Message when calling is inconvenient.
  • Make and receive calls easily in mobile app or on desktop.
  • Advanced call switch option to switch call to a moving device.
  • Access corporate directory from phone and other business apps.
  • Experience HD audio/video calling and conferencing.
  • Share your desktop instantly without a new web conference.
  • Share files instantly without any hassle in a secured manner.
  • Set “do not disturb” mode and move calls to voicemail.
  • Meet in a virtual meeting room anytime and anyplace.
  • One click for initiating an audio/video call or conference.
  • Send email/IM simultaneously during call/conference.
  • Join a third party conference bridge with access codes.
  • Maintain Business Identity when calling from personal device/phone.
  • View call records and message history by date or by sender/caller.
  • Forward your calls to another number when unavailable to receive.
  • Sync with your personal and business calendars automatically.