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While there are many advanced team messaging apps in UK available today, one of the greatest challenges that business face today is to seamlessly integrate all communication channels into one single collaboration suite. Team-one UK is a feature rich business collaboration software tool that enables you to easily message, video chat, share files, manage tasks, and work together all in one place. Connect to your team remotely and work together from your favorite devices anytime, anyplace.

Do you have all Collaboration Tools to Manage your Growth?

The Team-One has it for you

An all in one solution for collaboration works

Team-One is one of the leading collaboration apps in the UK offering a range of mobile apps that are compatible across devices and optimised for a satisfying user experience. All apps will use your business number as the identifier and will be integrated seamlessly with each other and other commonly used business applications.

Team-one is a cloud-based application works on team collaboration software available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Desktop, iOS and mobile versions can be downloaded below:


Instant messaging video confererncing

Instantly message people from your team or start a video conference promptly to share files, give presentations and communicate in real time with your team across the globe.


Share file screen

Upload files into 800comms application for instant view of your team members with advanced feedback options. Also share your desktop screen to help better collaboration.


Task management

800TEAM comes with supported task management softwares like orangescrum to create tasks and monitor their progress in a live dashboard with conversation threads.


Calendar syncronisations

Easily synchronise you and your team members’ calendars to get an eagle eye view of upcoming tasks and meetings and current availability of team members.


Application integration

Integrate your 800comms account easily with all the other applications that your team usually uses. Data is completely synchronized so you can attain smooth workflow.