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Making things simpler with a new age agile cloud aggregation service

800Comms Hub provides business solutions and comes with built-in Contextual Intelligence. You do not have to waste time searching for information in between heaps of emails, message threads, and business apps. You can now access your files, notes and content pertinent to one single conversation at one place to make the meeting more in context and productive. No matter you are texting or voice/video calling, all recent conversations will be displayed on your screen to help you get an overview of the conversation thread. You do not have to flip screens and search through multiple apps to find conversation relevant material. All previous orders, emails, files, message threads and even social media streams and statuses are available to you on finger swipes.

When your Business is Ambition, The 800Comms is the Technology to meet it.


Just because you are away from your desk does not mean you have to stop being multi-tasked. Even on the go, you need easy access to important information in preparation of upcoming calls and chats. HUB combines with UC-One Connect Mobile App to help you have all your information at one single place to make all your conversations more productive and contextual. The app is user-centric and has an easy to understand interface that displays all kinds of documents, audio/video media files and chats or emails on your mobile device! As a pro feature of the business hub UK, you can also perform application specific tasks in between your collaboration sessions like approving an order.


HUB will integrate seamlessly with major business cloud applications like Salesforce, OKTA and it also integrates real time with social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.

We offer our clients open APIs and cloud aggregation service so that they can use Hub to create custom integrations and contextual applications as suited to their unique business needs.

As a cloud based unified communications provider, we keep on adding on latest features, services and solutions, enhanced user interfaces and performance improvements