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Discover how simple we make it for you to move your Business to latest Communication Technology

We know how imperative making the right UCaas choice is for your business success and how challenging it can be for you to achieve it. We provide our clients with an expert service that helps you identify and integrate UCaas solutions that are customised for your business and are reliable and functional. Our five-step UCaas Model is easy to understand for our clients and clearly demonstrates how we go about delivering UC.

Your dedicated account representative will co-ordinate with you to understand your business routine and communication requirements. He will analyse your current devices and will determine whether these devices will work or not in your proposed UC solution. The said representative will also identify the number of users and types of new devices that you will need and help you choose suitably from the wide array of phones and devices offered by 800Comms.

800Comms will help you retain your current contact details as much as is possible and the representative expert will explain to you your available choice of phone numbers. You can choose toll-free, vanity, international numbers and in most cases your existing local number. Our expert will help you develop a communication floor plan customised for your business, marking clearly staff members into designated departments and create directories and extensions that will help your customers reach the desired person in your organization.

We offer our customers some of the basic key features:

  1. Reliability
  2. Quality
  3. Functionality
  4. Flexibility

Stay connected, Stay productive with smart designs and simple to use technologies.

We ensure prompt delivery of all the chosen devices and phones and any other tools required to transition your business to cloud phone system. We bring to your workplace new and innovative technology that is built in an intuitive interface integrating all your telephones, smart phones, tablets and computers. Your phones can be converted into your moving office eliminating your need to be restricted at a particular place and also eliminating need of wires! Wireless is the new trend.

The video, audio and web conferencing will be merged at one single platform hosted in the cloud with options of creating groups with multiple participants. You can say bye bye to technician and hardware costs and save up on breakdown time. We offer you Cloud PBX instant messaging that helps deliver user to user IM and is workable with PC, MAC, Linux, North Video Soft Phones or any personally preferred IM application. You will never miss a call or lose a message while being offline or off-location. Presence is a powerful component of our UC package. Your staff can know which members are available, busy, in meeting or when each of them signs in or out.

All the phones and tools of UCaas solutions offered by 800Comms are regularly updated and new features keep on adding.

Our cloud system is easy to set up at your workplace. Our dedicated expert will guide you through the set up and implementation phases. The online wizard will help you step by step set up on your staff smart phones and all your telephony systems.

You start by plugging in IP desk phones and desktops and other devices to your internet service connection and simply install the 800Comms Mobile Application and ta-da. These are all the endpoints needed to start communicating on the cloud platform.

You can easily manage the entire communication network from a single point; your phone, desktop or tablet! All the users in the network can personally manage their own set up from their respective devices without need of an in house technician or hassling your IT department. You can also add up to certain level any number of users depending on your purchased package and can easily change users too. Create and manage your own groups; adding and changing members as per your own requirements without extensive complicated setting.

All set up wizards are available online and mobile app is available on Apple App Store for iPhones and Apple devices and on Google Playstore for Android supported phones and devices.

We work on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device to Work) Model. Employees need not be allotted new phone devices and can simply have the UC solutions on their personal smart phones. We help you integrate these devices in your corporate communication network. For this purpose our mobile app is supported on all devices so that your employees can join the UC circle through their phones and personal devices. All other PCs and desktops can also be integrated.

Users can easily start receiving and making business calls from on-location and off-location, getting instant email notification on their phones, accessing their voicemails, and join or initiate video, audio or web conferencing from any place at any time. With the 800Comms App, employees can manage two numbers from their smart phones to keep separate business and personal identities. As long as they use UC from the mobile app, they will appear to be using their business identity where as if they access any form of communication outside the app, they will appear to be using their own personal identity.

800Comms can also help you train relevant staff in managing Ucaas solutions so that you can have in-house immediate support when needed. However, we continue to offer our dedicated expert service to you throughout the term of our partnership.

800Comms shares responsibility of account security with its clients. All your data and information that is shared between users over cloud system is secured and in case an employee leaves, he or she can be restricted to use any such data completely. All data has a secondary back up also that can be accessed in case the primary one crashes or is not working. There is complete guidance for disaster data recovery. We ensure network and application security as well as transmition security.

We have security and fraud management teams that are known to work on industry best practices and approved standards. Our Unified Communication Solutions can further be secured by modifiable user administration and controls. Clients can themselves choose which users should be given control access to what extent and to which data.

Security standards are constantly updated and security testing is performed throughout the year.

With 800Comms you can have uninterrupted communication through multiple means that effectively breaks you from a single physical workplace restriction. Multiple forms of communication such as emails, messages, video and audio conferencing, phone calls, announcements and page services can be integrated in user friendly interface to provide smooth communication channels for greater business results.


Free Service Activation
Dedicated Staff

A Dedicated 800Comms staff will analyze your business needs and work closely with you throughout the transition and implementation period. We take pride in expertise of our staff

Free Phone, Online, And Chat Support
Maximize the Benefits

Worried on how to maximize the benefits from the new system of communications? 800Comms online setup wizard is there to help you in easy to understand steps.

Free Service Activation
Hassle Free Set-up

You can enjoy an easy and hassle free set up with the help of our 800Comms App that can guide you how to manage all setup steps without restricting you to your desktop.

Free Phone, Online, And Chat Support
Use Same Phone

You do not need to change your existing phone number and contact details. We help you implement the new communication modes on your existing numbers.