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Hospitality is greatest user of call accounting systems. 800Comms provide latest accounting systems with in-built ability to capture record and assign costs to all telephony usage of the entire business property. The system can accommodate business of any size, small medium or large, and can track incoming, outgoing and abandoned calls easily. Calculate the revenue earned from resale of telephony services to hotel guests by adding on customized mark-ups for different guest categories like loyal customers, first time customers and affiliated business employee etc.

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Features of 800call Accounting system for hospitality sector

We give our clients a user-friendly call accounting solution with in-built features to match the diverse needs of hospitality clients. Our call accounting system is compatible with any PBX or PMS models. 800Comms’ simple and power packed call accounting solutions is a hot trend amongst hotels, motels, bars, spas, casinos and resorts.

Customized Bills

Implement multiple pricing tiers to let users run promotional call rates for guests to prompt them to greater usage of phone service. Bills can be automatically saved / emailed/ printed.

Trunk Analysis

800Comms offers you an easy trunk analysis tool to ensure correct trunk capacity. You can reduce extra lines and have sufficient trunk lines so that your guests never receive busy tones.

Emergency Alarms

Receive instantaneous alarms with email, SMS or screen-pops on your phones or desktop devices to notify whenever an emergency call has been placed anywhere on the property.

Connectivity loss Alarms

Eliminate chance to lose revenue due to lost connectivity issues. Get a live dashboard view with traffic light indicators and receive instantaneous alarms with email, SMS or screen-pops on your phones or desktop devices.

Hot spot Map

A visual dashboard that lets you have an eagle-eye overview of all incoming call and outgoing calls location. You can easily prevent calls to and from unauthorized regions.

Other Features in 800Comms Hospitality Bundle

Hospitality Bundle_Class of Service

Class of Service

A premium feature that lets your guest choose online which service category they want to avail depending on their personal preferences and financial constraints.

Hospitality Bundle_Language of Guests

Language of Guests

Create an affinity with your guests by greeting in their languages. All automated call recordings can be provided in multiple translations.

Hospitality Bundle_Room Status

Room Status

Share a dashboard view of your hotel rooms occupancy with your guests to let them know when and where a room is available and of which category and size.

Instantaneous Emergency Alerting

800Comms UC packages for Hotels come with an add-on for instantaneous emergency alerting systems. You can have announcement hardware fixed at vital points and rooms to notify guests of evacuation and/other safety measures. Also immediately send SMS or email alerts or screen pop alerts on all devices on the hotel network.


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We make your network infrastructure simple and easy to understand. Centralize the management of your property based network services.

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Easy to use

Everything comes in a user-centric interface that makes it easy to integrate changes in voice and internet settings.

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One Interface

You do not need to have a separate interface when reselling telecommunication services to your guests on multi-site property.

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Efficient Monitoring

We offer you a one-point monitoring and management of multiple technologies on multiple sites.