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Without buying any additional equipment or expensive software, upgrade to an advanced voicemail and greetings services that your clients expect of you and your employees need to be efficient and productive! Enjoy the flexibility of multiple voice messages and greetings for different departments and choosing between a default and customized caller welcome tunes. And we also do not let you miss your voicemail! Choose your own settings of how you want to receive voicemail notifications and with what frequency!


Enjoy the freedom to choose from a variety of music, messages and default and/or customized voice greetings to deliver an image of a sophisticated professional. Each department and extension can further have their own customized greetings. We help you deliver to your clients and external stakeholders your system menus in an organized manner. Grab the opportunity to advertise or promote or give useful information while callers are on hold with reassuring voice updates to avoid caller irritation on long holds. Simply record and upload your greetings and caller holding tunes with language flexibility options on your 800Comms account and enjoy greetings services.


Remain bound to time and place no longer! You can now receive your voicemail anytime and anyplace; and multiple devices that can be synchronized with each other. Receive notifications on your personal phone, desktop and emails instantly. With advanced priority filters you can mark your important voicemails for prompt response and initiate calls with just a click from your tablet, phone, pc or desktop with 800Comms mobile app. Your 800Comms account can save up to 200 voicemail for you in mp3 format that you can also forward to others and you can save additional in your email accounts. You can also select customized greetings for your voicemail account.

Voicemail in Email

With the advanced voicemail in email option activated, you can receive your voicemails in your email inboxes and download and listen to them from any place and anytime! With this option you never miss your voicemail even if you are away from your office desk. You can forward these voicemail and faxes as email attachments and can choose different recipients for different types of notifications like missed voicemail from client that can be sent to a certain person in your team. This feature allows you to remain ahead of communication needs and respond promptly to business issues by directing it to and getting involved right person to save time and enhance productivity.

Visual Voicemail

Advanced visual voicemail option displays list of voicemails received with caller id so that you can prioritize and select the most important messages for listening without having to hear all messages in entirety. The visual interface is compatible with your Apple and Android devices as well as your desktops and other PCs. You can call back from your visual voicemail and also forward it to multiple recipients. With your 800Comms account on your smart phones or desktops, you can save the voice messages for indefinite time period. Call back, forward or delete the messages all from one single screen and as long as you have internet connectivity available. Save time and improve efficiency!