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Smart businesses do not rely on email threads only now. In this digital age no one really bothers to sit on a computer and search through email inboxes to find desired files or images in attachments. Unified Communication technology has developed several ways to collaborate with team members in a much faster and productive way. With 800Comms you can now download a software tool that enables you to email, text, video or audio chat, carry online meetings or web based video conferencing, transfer files, issue and manage task boards, give feedback and generally share data in an organized manner from one single platform.


collaboration tools create


Create online notes, articles, tasks, schedule calendars or files of any format for all team members to view and contribute easily. Create multiple teams for multiple tasks.



As easy as it is to create, team members can easily give their feedback on any page or file in personal or shared comments. It facilitates easier flow of ideas and a unique way to discuss.

collaboration tools centralise


Everything is now in one place and in one thread. All team members can see the phases a certain task goes through and can access all files and data at one single place.

collaboration tools organise


Assign tasks to members, issue deadlines, share announcements and organize all your business with amazing features incorporated in 800Comms Collaboration tools.


800Comms brings to you a variety of latest collaboration and conference call tools to smarten up your business

collaboration tools im or video chat

IM or Video Chat

Send an instant message or start a video conference with advanced file sharing options for effective team collaboration. Access files from online cloud storage easily during the IM or call from the same app to prevent delays.

collaboration tools task boards

Task Boards

Create new projects and assign tasks to team members. Keep track of project progress in an organized thread on task boards. Task Boards are the modern way of updating all team members of the project progress without calling face to face meetings.

collaboration tools meeting notes

Meeting Notes

Create meeting agendas and notes that documents meeting aims and objectives and how it progressed and what it achieved. Such notes are good for meeting review or for sharing data with those who did not attend the meeting.

collaboration tools online documents and spreadsheets

Online Documents and Spreadsheets

Create dynamic files in multiple formats like PDF, Word, Presentations, and/or spreadsheets for financial analysis and modeling. You can sync your desktop and multiple other devices also as well as share these instantly with other members.

collaboration tools online calendars

Online Calendars

An Online Calendar compatible with all devices and browsers with advanced options like time/month/week view, event reminders and notifications and scheduling team member leaves and rosters. Calendars can be shared with each other to check member availability.

collaboration tools emails


Newer Options never means emails have lost their charm completely. Still widely used as a collaboration tool, emails can be used to forward messages, create mail groups or attaching files. Emails can be integrated in task board systems also.


All iOS Users can enjoy a real time collaboration experience! Features include instant messaging, file sharing, media sharing, calendar sharing, notes and task management. It also easily integrates with other applications like Drop Box and Outlook without any technical configurations as well as syncs easily with a desktop. Powerful Search tools helps keep track of all emails or project progress easily.


Our Collaboration Software for Android offers feature enriched project management, syncing and data backup options. Easily integrated with other applications like Dropbox and Outlook, this android supported app lets you share files and media instantly with just a click! It also collaborates easily with recipients who are Apple users. There is a number of sorting; filtering and search functions that make you organize smartly.


collaboration tools colloboration


Our collaboration tools come in a complete package and ensure rapid communication between people in an organization. We help you unwire your workforce from their desks and with their own smart phones and other devices, they can collaborate from any place any time. Traveling for meetings is an old talk now!



Ever annoyed with insufficient space notifications? You no longer need to be annoyed. 800Comms gives you a greater cloud storage capacity to store all medias, files, emails, calendars etc. it does not even consume space on your phone memory. Your data is forever stored and is backed up in case of any issues.

collaboration tools powerful add ons


800Comms believes that everything should continuously improve. We work on how each collaboration tool can be improved and what new features can be added. All newly developed features are updated in the 800Comms Software without additional charge to the user and with 24/7 backend support.

collaboration tools powerful editor


Enjoy the power to create projects, meeting agendas, calendars, files in various formats etc with easy and handy editing options. You can also track the changes through numbered version of each file edited. Advanced search and instant preview options make document management easier.

collaboration tools secured sharing


With 800Comms Cloud Collaboration tools you do not need to worry about data security. The sharing host has full permission controls of whom he/she sends the file or media to. The recipient also needs to log in with password protected credentials to ensure additional security.

collaboration tools simple integration


Whatever app you use, 800Comms software easily integrates with each and any without any loss of features. Different team members can use different apps like outlook, zendesk, google drive, Dropbox etc or can use Apple, Android or Desktop devices and still can share with each other.