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Before the internet became common, a PBX or a Private Branch Exchange would have meant a private network based on hardware installation. There were designated phones on to the system and limited extensions. You had to dial “9” to access an outside number. Billing was per minute and once you had PBX installed at your premises, all internal calls were free. But this all is outdated now. Voice over IP has taken over businesses today. It uses internet as sole infrastructure and your phones, smart phones and computers can all connect to the system. All you need is a VoIP app running on your devices.

The question remains that if there is no physical infrastructure than how do we call? Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX has VoIP providers as third party servers doing all the encoding and transmitting offsite. The VoIP providers do not store and transmit data from a building but rather than all across internet in virtual data centers known as cloud.

Major IP PBX vendors around the globe

All cloud PBX technologies are internet based and work by connecting your IP or internet dependant phone. In order to achieve that you must have a VoIP or other IP system installed. Make sure you purchase your VoIP from an authorized reseller like 800Comms.

Experience a feature rich cloud based telephony

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Low Installation and Running costs

All cloud PBX services are hosted by a third party vendor and thus imply fewer repairs and downtime expenses. There is no need for in house maintenance team. There is practically little or no upfront infrastructure purchase cost. All you need is a reasonably good internet connection.

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Easy Upgrade and Upscale

And when there is no hardware, there is no risk of it getting outdated. There is no hassle of replacing it frequently. Software updates are included in purchase of hosted PBX services and new applications are usually compatible with the cloud communication system and it’s easy to add on user license for more and more phone lines, mobile devices and extensions. It requires no hard guesses for future capacity needs and comes with no limitations that were in traditional phone system.

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Cost savings on Calls

Cloud PBX SIP trunks bring to you an unlimited concurrent call capacity. The trunks can adjust the scale according to your requirements and there are no additional charges for using peak capacity. Most PBX servers use per second billing, meaning you pay only for the time you actually use the service.

Some plus features of cloud PBX services

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Supports BYOD inside your PBX Solution

Increasingly, employees are preffering to use their own devices in workplace. The traditional PBX system is incompatible with this growing expectation and IT is unable to take the pressure. Hosted PBX services easily match new innovation speeds and support new age mobile devices and tablets by working on common compatibility requests and updating software easily. Hosted PBX is BYOD friendly.

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Multi Location Phone System Integration

With traditional PBX services, multi-location businesses had incompatible and disconnected communication systems that effected employee productivity through inefficient or incomplete communication. Hosted PBX provides standardized services and total interoperability across multiple locations. The Possiblity of Upgrade or change occurs simultaneously everywhere.

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Reliability and Continuity

A cloud PBX system has a built in reliability that does not require constant monitoring for service levels. There are no lagging response times, delays or momentary failures in quality of call service. You can enjoy way better improved call service with Hosted PBX than you ever did with on premises PBX services and traditional PSTN connections. It has space for adding more users without additional costs.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Have a fire, storm or power outage? With traditional phone system the first thing to go out is your telephone connectivity severely impairing communications and hurting productivity. With cloud based telephony, your entire communication infrastructure is stored in a virtual data center that is beyond the damage of such unforeseen circumstances and will not be disrupted.


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Unified Communications

A comprehensive communication with voice, email, chat and videos for better co-ordination between agents and office.