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800Comms brings to you a new and innovative audio conference call service that integrates quality audio with a user friendly interface that is compatible across your PC, Tablet and Smart Phone. Enjoy Unlimited Audio Conferencing any time, any place.

audio conferencing audio conferencing was never so innovative before
audio conferencing how it works


Set Up an Account with 800Comms and get the list of your access codes. For every 800Comms User there is a designated host code and many participant access codes. Any one can join the 800Comms Call using these codes as long as they have a host invitation. Participants do not pay call charges; neither do they need any setup requirement. They can join the call using the access code that the host provides them. However, to set up the conference call, the Call Host needs to be an 800Comms User. Our audio conferencing Service includes variety of Call Host features like, call Mute, Add more Participants or delete some, and Record the conference call etc.


You can join or host an online conference call from your desktop or your Android or Apple device. 800Comms works on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model with each device requiring easy setup steps without any complex configurations. No need of involving IT or maintenance departments! We offer Cisco Meraki’s built in BYOD support that has additional layers of security and that requires no additional devices and appliances, and make us the best conference call service provider.

audio conferencing device compatibility
audio conferencing wide global coverage for superior business conference call service


Our Reliable IP audio network covers:

  • More than 100 access points
  • More than 30 telecom carriers world over.
  • Integration with other tools like Skype for Business, WhatsApp, Google etc.


audio conferencing toll free access to participants

Toll Free Access to Participants

Do not Put off your participants for making them pay for the call! All participants can have toll free access; Only the host pays all the charges.

audio conferencing global reach

Global Reach

No hassle of international codes required to join in the call! Participants can join from world over using access phone numbers of their countries!

audio conferencing dedicated customer support service

Dedicated Customer Support Service

We offer our clients 24/7 Operator Support. Contact Our Operator anytime during your call for any ongoing issues and queries and have them resolved instantly.

audio conferencing money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We accept no less benchmark than Complete Customer Satisfaction for ourselves! If we fall short of that, we offer money back guarantee to our customers.