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Features overview

See the powerful features available with your office phone system.


You can forward your calls if you are busy on the phone, or you are away from your device and are unable to attend the call.

Why to waste your money and time by trusting the third party conference call suppliers when you can arrange and manage your conferences without any cost with your Virtual office of 800Comms.

Getting annoyed of unknown numbers? With caller ID, you will have the number and name (if provided by user) on your phone screen. This way, you can identify the person who is trying to reach you.

Similarly, you can also edit your caller ID for others to know about your call. Customize your company’s caller ID as everyone has the same company name or by extensions.

800Comms enables you to block (and unblock) your Caller ID on active and outgoing calls.

A group of team or departments that can be used to manage the distribution of incoming calls. Your Virtual office account has already nine ring groups.

You can order your groups in sets of 1, 6 or 15 up to 130 ring groups.

Call waiting enables your callers to approach you at any time, even when you are busy on another call or busy with some work

While being on another call, you will hear a beep when you receive a new call. You can answer the new call by putting your current call on the hold. You can switch between the two lines for as many times as possible. It’s like having two lines at once while paying for only one.

Up to some important project? Put your phone on do not disturb mode so no one can disturb you and your calls will directly be forwarded to voicemail (or to a busy signal).

DND can be very useful to remain focused when you are busy in conference call, in the middle of important conversation or just need to stick to single task at a time.

Gathering Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) gives representatives a chance to answer approaching calls for other gathering individuals.

Group-intercom paging is useful when you need to use intercom feature of your Polycom phone to announce any real-time update to a department, team or work area. You can intercom to specific paging groups or you can even broadcast to all other Polycom sets in your office by choosing priority groups.

800Comms Call Parking include, you can “stop” and bring the call to a halt in the cloud so different representatives can pick up the call. A stopped ring can be picked by any representative in your association.

Voice message to-email is awesome approach to spare time and be more receptive to your customers. Your phone messages are conveyed appropriate to your email box as sound records so you can hear them out immediately.

Utilise our intense business-class voice message highlight to view and tune in to your voice messages on the web, have them conveyed to your email box, or get to them by telephone.

Web Faxing is an individual internet faxing administration included with each Virtual Office Pro expansion. In the event that you have a Virtual Office Pro augmentation, you can send and get online faxes from any PC.


With 800Comms, you can transfer your calls very easily, be it Warm or Cold (blind) transfer. When you announce the call to person whom you are transferring the call is termed as warm transfer. Cold transfer is when you directly transfer the call to the person without announcing.


800Comms’ Virtual Office Softphone changes your PC into an element rich, electronic telephone. Make, accept and exchange calls, and all the more utilizing your 800Comms Virtual Office voice administration and it’s incorporated at no additional charge.

Get Your 800Comms Virtual Office telephone augmentation to go… on your iPhone and iPad.

Get Your 800Comms Virtual Office telephone augmentation to go… on your iPhone and iPad.


With 800Comms, you get a simple to-utilise organization entry, called the 800Comms Account Manager, for setting up and designing your telephone framework, setting up expansions, Auto Attendant, and Ring Groups and the sky is the limit from there.

Virtual Office Online is an electronic dashboard that enables Virtual Office clients to oversee and utilise their telephone highlights on the web, from any PC.

It incorporates a business softphone with online voice message, corporate registry, texting, nearness, video calling and the sky is the limit from there. Virtual Office Pro clients can likewise utilise it for fax, call recording and web conferencing.

Virtual Office Desktop is a Windows and Mac application that incorporates a business softphone with online voice message, corporate catalog, texting, nearness, video calling and so much more. Virtual Office Pro clients can likewise utilise it for fax, call recording and web conferencing.


Auto Attendant is an intense mechanized VoIP business benefit that replaces the requirement for a secretary.

A Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Ring groups are also commonly known as Hunt Groups.

Carry your telephone numbers with you when you change to 800Comms.

800Comms Music on Hold plays recorded music or advertising messages while your guests are on hold to give your business an expert edge.

800Comms gives you the alternative to include your organization name and phone number to a Directory Assistance Listing supplier.

A virtual PBX is the cutting edge other option to expensive, awkward PBX gear that is attached to one area. Join your entire organization with a virtual PBX that is facilitated in the cloud.

Call anybody in your organization just by dialing their extension number, regardless of the possibility that they work in various areas with expansion dialing.


800Comms Virtual Office incorporates simple text access to your contacts whether they are your associates on a similar telephone framework, your Google App/Gmail contacts.

Why squander cash on outside telephone call suppliers when you can hold your phone calls appropriate from your 800Comms’ Virtual Office telephone at no charge?

800Comms’ Virtual Office Meetings is an intense web conferencing administration for 800Comms Virtual Office Pro expansion clients that gives you a chance to share substance and utilise video to work together more viably.

See who’s accessible, who’s occupied with the 800Comms presence highlight. 800Comms Virtual Office lets you in a flash observe the status of different workers on your telephone framework.