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Cloud Communications is one of the advanced new age technology for voice and data transfer with internet connectivity. Basically a third party, known as cloud provider, hosts all telecom apps and storage services on the client’s behalf. Cloud services were originally understood as data centric but recent technology improvements have combined voice communications services and more specifically high-tech light weight business VoIP telephone equipment in it as well . Such telephone equipment is gradually replacing the traditional PBX telephony.

As mentioned, the cloud providers host the data and voice services within servers that are owned and managed by them. The cloud service end user only pays “rent” of using space of these servers and does not have to pay for costly deployment like that of a traditional PBX system. Affordability, reliability and security are offered simultaneously in cloud services.

Google is a great case study for demonstrating the success of cloud based platforms in comparison to software based platforms with regards to cost and performance. Cloud communication is the latest trending platform for voice, data and video transfer with ever-improving hosted VoIP services. Voice, data and video integrate with each other seamlessly in the cloud.

Why Cloud Communications

Rising trend for multi-location businesses making traditional WANs less reliable communication channel

Increasingly, people are bringing their own smart devices to work that need access to central enterprise network

Workplace is no longer a physical location. The new age concept of workplace is wherever the employee is

How Cloud Communication is Beneficial

Small and medium businesses can enjoy the indivisible communication technology that they would not afford otherwise.

No inhouse hardware installation required and hence no inhouse maintenance expense. Low capital and low operational expenses are a great plus of cloud communications.

Increased employee productivity and efficiency with latest collaboration techniques and multi location and multi-device support for better results.

Cloud Communication Products

1Contact Center Telephony

2Call Center

3SIP Trunking

4Text Messaging

5Call Tracking software

6Voice Broadcast

7Interactive Voice Response

8Private Branch Exchange

9Fax Services

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