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Designed for businesses of all sizes 800Comms IM service lets connect instantly with your team members, clients and other desired recipients. We integrate user ease and speed in your UC infrastructure and help you join the pace of modern business with a confidence that comes with reliability and trust that 800Comms has come to signify for you!

800Comms messaging at a glance

We are proud to introduce features of our IM services that makes us the best option for you.

Cloud PBX Connecivity

Maintain your business identity by having your business number on display.

Call Management

Send and receive messages with 160 characters from any endpoint device.

Greetings And Voice Mail

Message a single recipient or a generate group messages for teams and departments.

Hospitality Bundle

Text from 800Comm Phone device, Smartphone, tablet or computer seamlessly.

800comms Messaging

Receive push notifications or email notifications for messages on your Smartphone.

800comms Mobility

Call by simply clicking on the numbers in the messages from your 800Comm Account.

Online Fax

Get navigated to URLs and hyperlinks in the message with just one simple click.

Voip and Other Phone Devices

Join an audio/video call by clicking on the invitation in the message.

Features Rocket

Device Compatibility

Simply install the latest version of our 800Comms mobile Application on your 800Comm phone devices and/or your personal Android or Apple Devices. Mobile App is workable for Android 6.0 or later and/or ios 4.0 or later.

800Comms Mobile App is also available for personal computers and desktops and works on Windows® 7 (or later) or Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion (or later).

Upholding vServices Ltd values with 800Comms.

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We are committed to follow accredited procedures for Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment. We believe in paying attention to details and focus on quality and performance.

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We ensure that any one bearing our identity represents highest standards of integrity and conduct in all matters. Our staff is trained to exhibit high moral standards.

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We recognize the importance of our people and value them the highest! We respect & work for a culture of honesty. Customer satisfaction & employee happiness is our mantra.

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We are committed to equality of opportunity for all. Our Vision is to create a work environment based on fairness, respect and merit without discrimination.